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The world is now dependent on power more than ever. It connects us to the world, ensures our food is fresh, and powers industries across the globe. Since we all depend on electricity to get throughout the day, your house or business must be wired correctly by a knowledgeable professional.

Are you fed up with dealing with a faulty electrical system? Businesses today must heavily rely on emerging technologies. Your circuits, wiring, and other crucial electrical components are critical to your company's productivity and performance, whether you need to run a tiny office or a large industrial plant. When you need an inspection, repair, installation, or maintenance service, it's critical that you pick a reputable firm that will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Our qualified and insured electricians at MTZ Electric are the best in the business. Our team has worked hard to earn a reputation for excellence, and we will go to any length to provide you with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions for all of your electrical issues. Residents and companies in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding metro area are served by our professionals. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our office today.

Why hire a certified commercial electrician?

As a method to cut down on overhead costs, many handy small business owners appreciate doing some of their own maintenance work. While this is a great option for most applications, it isn't suitable for electrical work. Anyone who deals with live wires or electrical power should have received formal training and experience. Otherwise, there is a significant risk of personal injury, as well as the possibility that improper installations or repairs could result in hazardous fires, putting everyone in danger. A disaster of this magnitude may cost a company far more than the expense of a skilled repair. Hire a professional and insured electrician like those at MTZ Electric to avoid the unintended repercussions of an electrical work gone wrong. You'll be able to unwind knowing that the power of your building is in capable hands. Call MTZ Electric today to avoid safety issues and ensure that your next electrical project is a tremendous success.

Maintenance and Frequent Inspections

Regular electrical inspections will help you stay on top of any possible issues. Allowing broken wiring or inadequate circuits to go unnoticed can result in a variety of issues for businesses, including property damage, costly equipment, and high utility bills. Get regular inspections and maintenance services from a reputable electrical provider to save money and protect the integrity of your electrical system.

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If you have any problems between maintenance visits, our expert electricians can assist you restore power quickly. We recognize the importance of electricity in today's industry, and our professionals will work tirelessly to ensure that your repair or replacement is handled properly, inexpensively, and fast.

Why Choose Us

We are a locally owned and operated electrical company based in Atlanta that provides affordable emergency electrical repair and installation services to residents and business owners in the Metro Atlanta area. Our electricians are all background verified, licensed, insured, and certified in their respective areas. Since the 1990s, MTZ Electric of Atlanta has provided electrical services. To arrange a nearby certified electrician in your region, call our office immediately.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Our skilled electricians are ready to assist you achieve your vision if you need to adapt or alter the layout and style of your commercial lighting. We can do neat installations that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We can also make sure that your outlets and wiring are both safe and compliant.

You may quickly improve the operation and profitability of your company by hiring top-notch commercial electricians. Our commercial electricians are completely qualified and certified to conduct business electrical installations, audits, repairs, and maintenance at Mister Sparky.

Don't be afraid to speak up! We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to improve your electrical system and ensure that your business runs securely and efficiently. Our commercial electricians arrive at every project with state-of-the-art equipment and best-in-class supplies, ready to keep your electricity running smoothly!

Commercial Electrical Upgrades

As your company grows, technological demands increase, electrical codes change, and the facility ages, you'll need to modernize your electrical system. Modernizing your electrical system will improve your space's safety and utility.

Many older structures were designed to accommodate 60 to 120 amps with only a few circuits. When electricity consumption was low, this was sufficient decades ago. Even tiny workshops today, however, require at least 200 amps. By replacing your wiring and circuit boards to meet modern needs, we can ensure that your lighting, electronics, and machinery are supported.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Commercial lighting that is designed for a specific purpose is known as specialty lighting. Certain lights can be used to develop pictures or sterilize medical equipment, for example. Electrical services are frequently required for these specialty lighting systems, which we can provide.

Specialty lighting can also be used only for aesthetic reasons. Our professionals in electrical installation can set up:

  • Lighting fixtures that are both modern and old
  • Lighting fixtures for the ceiling
  • LED lighting fixtures suspended from the ceiling
  • Fixtures for exit/emergency lighting
  • Lighting for hospital beds
  • Fixtures for refrigeration illumination

We have the agility and adaptability to get the job done effectively, no matter what style of business lighting you choose!

Commercial Electrical Safety

We can improve the safety of your electricity by maintaining and replacing your circuit boards and wiring. Excessive demand on your power supply might result in overheating, surges, and power fluctuations. Electronics, machinery, and other equipment can be harmed by these disruptions. They can also cause electrical fires in extreme instances. Allow our professionals to inspect your electric system on a regular basis to ensure its integrity.

Any commercial property's activities might be significantly hampered by power outages and costs. A safe and reliable electrical system is essential in any industry. Taking shortcuts or failing to address compromised or malfunctioning electrical issues is dangerous. Having an amateur perform electrical work, on the other hand, can be dangerous. Electrical work done incorrectly can void insurance coverage, violate national and local electrical codes, and potentially cause building fires. You can avoid these situations by employing our dependable and experienced professionals.

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