Ceiling Fan Installation Atlanta

Expert Ceiling Fan Installation in Atlanta

MTZ Electric specializes in ceiling fan installation and repair for clients from Atlanta as well as the adjacent Georgia region. Our trained, certified technicians have been trusted to repair, install or re-wire electric appliances and devices and their components. You can also count on us to do your wirings and your installation of fixtures, such as a separate ceiling fan or one with lights. Our Atlanta electrician is always available at any time to assist you.

Ceiling Fan Installation Atlanta

Make sure you get a Ceiling Fan that is properly sized

Before you decide to buy what captures your eyes, be sure you're getting the correct ceiling fan for the space you are in.

Select a ceiling fan that not only looks good but also functions well and comes with all the features you're looking for. For instance, the size of the room will determine what size fan you need to purchase. If you don't, you won't be able to make the most use of the fan in that space.

A tiny space of around 80 square feet will require just 30 inches of a ceiling fan. If you have a mid-sized room, 144 square feet (12 feet by 12 feet.) We recommend the use of a 42-inch ceiling fan. If the room is bigger and is larger than 300 square feet (18 feet by 20 feet), we suggest a ceiling fan with a 52-inch diameter.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Atlanta

The kind of area you have determines the method your fan is installed. Even if you believe that there's no wiring connection, MTZ Electric can help you. If you have an existing electrical connection in the area, then your installation might seem simple. Even if that is the case, contact our electricians from Atlanta to ensure safety and ensure that the installation is successful.

We're able to help you when there's no wiring connection or fixture. The electrical box for ceiling fans requires special bracing to attach it straight to the ceiling beams. The typical fan weighs approximately 20 pounds. Our electricians can manage the entire process starting from the installation of the fan's ceiling mount box, to connecting the electrical wires to provide power to the fan. We'll evaluate your room to know the perfect fan size and model that will meet your requirements.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceiling Fans

The indoor fans are convenient and you can find ceiling fans outdoors, for instance on the porch. They come in a variety of kinds and styles as their counterparts indoors. But it is not recommended to install an indoor ceiling fan outside. The exposure to moisture could cause them to overheat or break prematurely, which would require replacement, not repair.

Outdoor ceiling fans can be dry-rated or damp-rated. Wet-rated fans are the most durable and can withstand snow, rain, and winds. They can function safely and efficiently without protection from the weather. These fans are protected by the sealing of ABS plastic, and wires that do not short out because of the moisture.

A damp-rated fan wasn't made for direct contact with water but is safe to use in humid environments. They're ideal for covered outdoor spaces like garages and patios however, they can be utilized in laundry rooms and bathrooms too. The motor is protected with a noncorrosive cover and the internal wiring is shielded from moisture.

Ceiling Fan Styles

Your main expectations could include an electric ceiling fan with remote or lighting for your room. There is a massive variety of styles to pick from. Our ceiling fan installation specialist can assist you with the best options, including:


They have a timeless look, with antique-style designs, ornamental patterns, and sometimes wooden blades.


Typically, monochrome and minimalist modern fans are sleek in style and are great to have if you are looking for a sleek model.


Blending contemporary and traditional transitional styles fans can fit into a variety of rooms and room styles.

The Benefits of Installing a Ceiling Fan

It can provide you with an enjoyable breeze in your home or at work. It's an excellent benefit however there's much more to it; a ceiling fan can:

Save Energy

Cooler air circulates more efficiently, meaning you can adjust the thermostat up by a couple of degrees, which can cut down your monthly energy costs while maintaining the level of comfort you enjoy.

Works All Seasons

In the summer, a cool breeze circulates the conditioned air; during winter, heated air in the ceiling is pushed down by changing the direction of the fan, keeping the whole room cool.


Bring More Light

Overhead lighting is typically used in ceiling fans and our expert Atlanta electricians can update units to give you the same benefits.

Improve the Decor

There are tons of kinds, sizes, styles of blades, materials, and lighting options. There's one that is suitable in your living room and dining room or bedroom, and even on your front porch.

Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

If your ceiling fan doesn't work It is best to first examine your circuit breaker or fuse or switch. Beyond that, fixing the issue could require the use of a voltage tester, cutting the wires, or changing the capacitor (to fix problems with blade turning). A damaged motor can make the motor sound hum and wobble. It could be because of a damaged flywheel.

There are many methods to troubleshoot and fix the ceiling fan, most require special tools and work on the wire. An Atlanta electrician with experience in ceiling fan repair and installation understands the intricacies of these complicated fixtures. Don't attempt ceiling fan repair yourself. There is a risk of electric shock and possibly causing further harm and damage, so leave it to experts to repair it.

It is crucial for your safety as well as the safety of your property to hire an authorized electrician who can install the ceiling fan you want in Atlanta. In the beginning, they will determine if the home's power supply is enough to power the fan. Then, they'll check to make sure you have the right wiring to provide the required voltage to the fan. This will avoid any problems with the power supply after installation.

Make a call to MTZ Electric for Ceiling Fan Installation Service

We cover all of Atlanta. If you need assistance with your living room or attic ceiling fan installation or repair or a professional to assist in installing ceiling fan boxes and more, you can count on our experienced electricians. We offer financing to make it easier for you to afford the installation. Learn more and book an appointment for service via our contact form or by calling us today at 404-709-6320.

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