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Electrical Outlet and Switch Installation Services

MTZ Electric is a full-service business that offers thorough outlet installation and electrical switch installation. Our helpful experts are always up to the challenge, whether you need us to install electrical switch wiring throughout an entire house, replace a damaged electrical outlet, or do everything in between.

Are there any outlets or switches in your house that aren't functioning properly? To improve safety in high-risk areas like your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, would you prefer to convert some of your outlets to GFCI electrical outlets? MTZ Electric is available to assist you if you require reliable electrical installation services for switches and outlets in the Atlanta, GA region.

Modern electrical outlets and light switches are available at MTZ Electric, along with everything else you need for your electrical projects. With expert outlet and switch repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, we are happy to guarantee safety, usability, and dependability.

Outlet Installation Atlanta

  • Dimmer switches
  • Light timers
  • Fan controls
  • Outlet and switch plates
  • Wireless switches
  • Motion-activated light control
  • USB outlets
  • GFCI electrical outlets

If the appliance you require installed or repaired isn't listed above. Don't panic; chances are strong that we can help if it uses energy and is utilized for household purposes. Call us and chat with one of our knowledgeable electricians to learn more. We are eager to assist you! (404)-709-6320

Signs You Need Electrical Outlet Installation Services

Even though it reliably serves us around-the-clock, electricity may be very dangerous and contribute to more than 50,000 house fires annually. It's unfortunate that these fire risks are frequently concealed behind walls, which is why electrical safety must be taken seriously.

We've included a few typical indicators that you need electrical outlet and switch installation or repair services to help you protect yourself from these risks. Immediately unplug any appliances connected to the problematic outlet and stop using them if you observe any of the following problems:

  • Odd and unexpected smells that could be caused by burning plastic or other components
  • Switches and outlets that are heated or are clearly sparking
  • Buzzing noises that could be caused by frayed wires, loose prongs, or other connection problems
  • The flashing lights that signify a power surge
  • Electrical outlets with GFCIs that often trip
  • Faulty outlets or broken switches

Even while some of the number of events might appear insignificant, they can point to a more serious issue with your home's electrical system. For this reason, get in touch with the family-run, local electricians at MTZ Electric. In most cases, we are able to offer same-day assistance and will act swiftly to identify the source of any electrical problem.

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Repairs and Replacements for GFCI Electrical Outlets

Ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets, also known as GFCIs, need to be installed in a few high-risk locations, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Because they feature reset and test buttons on their faces, these outlets are simple to identify. A GFCI outlet's main function is to guard against electric shock in damp conditions.

Although GFCI outlets must be installed in outdoor spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens in accordance with current building requirements, these devices may not have been updated in older homes. You are putting yourself and your loved ones at unnecessary risk if you don't have GFCI outlets in these important rooms of your home.

MTZ Electric's staff fortunately provides GFCI electrical outlet installation services. We can install GFCI electrical outlets in your home fast to ensure that you and your family are secure when utilizing appliances in these high traffic locations.

Why DIY Is Not a Good Idea

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Electrical outlet wiring is not one of the many house repairs that is safe to tackle on your own. Electrical wiring poses a risk to you and your loved ones if it is handled improperly. You run the risk of not only electrocuting yourself but possibly igniting a fire inside the walls of your house.

Allow the experienced electricians at MTZ Electric to assist you rather than attempting a hastily completed DIY electrical light switch wiring installation. We offer affordable, high-quality installation services for electrical switches and outlets to residents of Atlanta. Before beginning any project, our team will even provide a free price.

Fast and Reliable Electrical Outlet Installation Atlanta

MTZ Electric is dedicated to giving its cherished clients the greatest service experience imaginable. For this reason, we always provide free quotes and upfront pricing for all of our services, including the installation of electrical switches and outlets. When you get in touch with us, we'll carefully go through your project's specifics. Then, one of our helpful team members will give you a thorough price so you can understand precisely what you are paying for.

In addition to upfront pricing, MTZ Electric frequently offers same-day service appointments. Our goal is to quickly connect you with the qualified electrical services you require at a fair price.

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As you can see, MTZ Electric is the obvious choice for all of your needs related to the installation of electrical switches and outlets in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn why prior clients of ours have nothing but positive things to say about MTZ Electric. Let's talk about how we can assist you with all of your electrical service issues when you give us a call right away.


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