Learn How to Get Your Lighting Ready for Fall

Flood light installation

In the Atlanta area, the colder months mean longer nights and more time spent outside in the dark. If you're anything like me, you'll be leaving for work in the dark and returning home in the dark. This will be especially true after November 3rd, when daylight savings ends. Check your flood lights now to ensure that all of the bulbs are operating, the motion sensors are working, and the lights are directed in the right direction for better security lighting options.

Doors and Entrance Areas

Entry points to your home, such as doorways, gates, and garage doors, are the most vital spots to illuminate. Installing flood lighting around your doors will deter burglars, assist guests in finding their way, and provide you with light to locate your keys. During the winter, you spend the majority of your time outside near or at an access point to your home. As a result, when it comes to outside lighting, the focus is on doors.

Sconce lights with automated timers are the ideal sort of illumination for your home's entryway. These timers ensure that your sconce lights are turned on when you need them and that you never forget to turn them off at night.

They adjust for seasonal time changes automatically, require no battery replacement, and can be set to a randomized setting while on vacation. 

Parking and Walkways

Flood lights should be installed around your guest parking area and natural working paths around the house. The walk to the mailbox, the steps to the guest parking area, the garbage can area, and so forth. This will provide you with the functionality you require when you're outside your home, as well as alert you if someone approaches your property late at night. Flood lights should be pointed away from the house and positioned high enough so that you and your visitors are not blinded.

High-quality motion sensors are recommended. Buying a cheap motion light will give you hours of heartache and aggravation (trust me, we've done it!). The RAB Super Stealth 360 Degree Flood Light is carried and recommended by MTZ Electric.

Unused and Not Watched Areas of Your Yard

For would-be home invaders and vandals, areas around your home that are concealed from direct view and rarely monitored are popular targets. Install motion flood lights in any section of your home that you or your neighbors don't view or monitor on a daily basis. Sides of your house, bank yards, woodland regions, places leading to common or public spaces, and sheds are all examples. By mimicking a person detecting them and informing you of the intruder, the automatic illumination will assist prevent crooks. You'll also have light if you end yourself in the side yard late at night for some reason!

Flood light installation Alpharetta

Call MTZ Electric for all of your electric needs. We are proud to serve Alpharetta, Georgia for flood lighting installation and all other electrical services.

LED Flood Light

Using LEDs' for Flood Lights

LED bulbs are having a major impact in today's homes. They are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and pay for themselves through energy savings. However, only a few people could have guessed the best feature of all...the fact that you don't have to change the bulbs! Because flood lighting is frequently positioned 20-30 feet off the ground, this is wonderful. Seriously, some flood lights are set up in such a way that only a lunatic would attempt to change the bulb.

Homeowners used to risk their lives to change their flood light bulbs, pay an arm and a leg to have them replaced (only to have another one burn out a month later), or simply give up on floodlighting altogether. We've gone to homes where floodlights haven't operated in years due to the fixtures' position. We've also been called to relocate floodlighting to a less-than-ideal place so that the homeowner could change the bulbs themselves.

Why use old technology that does not last, let MTZ Electric install LED floodlights that last an average of 22 years. That's 25,000 hours of use before the bulb needs to be replaced. A regular halogen bulb, by comparison, only lasts 2,000 hours before needing to be replaced. That means you'll have to replace your halogen flood light 12 times before your neighbor changes his LED light once. Multiply 12 by the cost of purchasing and replacing your flood lights, and you'll find where LED lighting offers the most value. The primary bottom-line increase with LED lighting will not be on your power bill, but on your home maintenance bill. So, the next time you need to replace a difficult-to-reach light bulb, choose an LED.